Nowadays many people are not content or fulfilled by the way of life promoted by our mainstream societies, there doesn’t seem to be much room to be part of something larger than ourselves and leave a positive footprint. We believe each of us has a gift; a calling that will fulfill us and that at the same time will make a contribution for a better world.

Nevertheless, our potential is blocked and we feel we are of little use because:

  • We are not sure about ourselves
  • We are at a crossroads when choosing a path
  • We are unaware of alternatives that already exist

As a result, we’re stuck following some of society’s rules that don’t suit us or fulfill us. And when we want to bring changes into our lives, we don’t always find the supportive network to do so, there is always someone – if not our own minds – to remind us that things won’t work. In the end, potential is wasted, which is not good for you or for society, especially in a time when the world faces many pressing large-scale issues.

We all have a purpose that can guide our life and work, and by identifying and following that path, we’ll open up to new opportunities and thrive while doing what is right. At WEARECO we empower people who want to progress in their life, who have a desire to achieve, grow and evolve, who are in a quest for meaning, who wish to reveal the best version of themselves.

Our objective is to create healthy, passionate, conscious individuals who engage in projects that are making the world a better place to live in, for us and generations to come. Through our work, we want to help individuals embark on a self-transformative journey that aims at revealing their true potential, thrive, be happy and positively contribute to society in one way or another.

Why that name?

WEARECO can be read in two ways:


It is the contraction of WE ARE ECO, “eco” referring to the environment like in ecology, or ecosystem. Here, WEARECO means “we are the environment” and by extension “we are the planet”, which is a way to remind us of our fundamental connection with the Earth.


It can also be understood as WE ARE CO, “co” being a prefix meaning “together, mutually, in common” that can be found in words like community or collaboration. In that case, WEARECO conveys the ideas of “we are all part of the same family” and “we are in it together”.

The team


I am a former university professor from Nicaragua with various degrees and experience in pedagogy and linguistics; in 2003 I was nominated by my alma mater’s School of Humanities department as one of the best teachers on campus.

Although I still have a strong passion for linguistics, my gradual need for a healthier life lead me to explore the 8 limbed path of yoga, eventually earning a yoga teacher certification and becoming a part-time yoga and meditation teacher leading classes around the world in Central America, Europe and Asia. In 2014 I earned my certifications as an Ayurveda consultant and massage therapist specializing in Tok Sen, Ayurvedic and traditional Thai massage.

I am on a mission to help people find and maintain their custom approach to perfect health of body and mind to pave the way for true inner growth.


I am a French engineer with a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship from EM Lyon Business School. After having worked for startups in Paris, London and San Francisco, I decided to venture on my own, create a startup and live as a digital nomad.

A set of events took me to Latin America where I started to learn more about living a healthier life, yoga and meditation. I then decided to deepen my knowledge of eastern schools of thoughts and thanks to the digital nomadic life, I was able to embark upon a transformative two-year journey in Asia.

Fast forward three years and I have become an avid meditator who continues to be an entrepreneur on a mission to spread the entrepreneurial mindset, help motivated individuals to create purposeful projects and enable open collaboration between business and society.

Where are we based?

We are currently in France. We have moved quite a lot these past years and the WEARECO project has grown from several parts of the world (here is the list of the top places we worked from). Since 2013, we’ve spent:

  • 9 months in Nicaragua 🇳🇮
  • 8 months in Thailand 🇹🇭
  • 6 months in India 🇮🇳
  • 3 months in Nepal 🇳🇵
  • 3 months in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
  • 1 month in Vietnam 🇻🇳
  • 1 month in Laos 🇱🇦
  • 1 month in Cambodia 🇰🇭
  • 1 month in Malaysia 🇲🇾
  • 1 month in Indonesia 🇮🇩
  • 1 month in the Philippines 🇵🇭
  • 1 month in Myanmar 🇲🇲

Combined, we’ve been to over 60 countries so far. These experiences have been the opportunity to open our minds, understand the world’s state of affairs better and meet great people with inspiring stories to share.


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