This booklet contains a brief analysis of the globalized world through our lenses, a presentation of solutions that are transforming it and an invitation to inject more meaning in what we do.

Creating our (R)Evolution is the product of our time, experiences and observations as international volunteers for three years; its objective is to show people that amidst all the social, political, human, animal and environmental crises we face, we still hold the power to turn things around by changing our relationship with our environment and by creating, joining and supporting initiatives whose objective is to create and sustain a more peaceful and connected planet.

“What a wonderful book, thank you! So many ideas to inspire people! A beautiful journey highlighting community initiatives around the world!”

Federica, Italy



📖 90 pages.
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“The book is a guide to raise awareness on the social and ecological situation – and also on the potential within each human to create change – through experiences all around the world. Ruth and Thomas show us that each solution, each grain of salt, gives the ocean its unique taste.”

Pierre, Ecuador

“Last year, I decided to quit my job and embark on the journey around Asia, Middle East, and Africa. I met countless travellers roaming the world, looking for something else rather than the way the society expects them to live. Thomas and Ruth are among those travellers who left a great impression on me. When Thomas sent me the link to their book “Creating our (R)Evolution”, I read non-stop and found it’s a short book but contains many great learnings and messages that I myself experienced during my trip and couldn’t agree more with them.”

Nhung, Vietnam

“With ‘Creating Our (R) Evolution’, Ruth and Thomas share the fruits of their reflections on the evolution of the world during their travels, especially in Central America and Asia. Organized in themes, this book is easy to read and understand: you quickly find yourself looking for the same harmony with the world as Thomas and Ruth!”

Ghislain, France

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