Finding Daily Balance


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“Finding Daily Balance” is a basic course consisting of 10 practical fun and positive 3 minute video lessons to help you achieve brain balance and develop a peaceful, positive and motivated mind so you can thrive in your own life and enrich that of others’.

In this course you will learn simple ways to concretely:

  • Cultivate balance in your daily life
  • Understand who you are better
  • Deal with common negative emotions
  • Form new healthy habits

Drawing from our combined 10+ years of experience in the area of inner growth (Yoga, meditation, Mindfulness, Ayurveda and more), this course is packed with simple tips that you can use on your day to day life.

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The 10 Lessons

  • #1 – Understanding How To Find Balance
  • #2 – A Breathing Technique To Find Balance
  • #3 – Understanding Who You Really Are
  • #4 – An Easy Trick To Relearn Who You Are
  • #5 – An Easy Meditation Practice To Balance The Brain
  • #6 – Practicing Active Meditation To Create Brain Balance
  • #7 – This Is Keeping You From Accessing Brain Balance
  • #8 – A 3-Step Process To Master Negative Emotions
  • #9 – 7 Tips For A Daily Healthy Routine
  • #10 – What A Typical Healthy Day Looks Like

Some testimonials

“I really enjoyed the bit sized videos and all the helpful tips. Congrats on this lovely new venture.”

Ishwari, India

“The videos are well made, especially the 3 to 5 min format that allows one to stay focused. I really like this course!”

Marine, France

“I’d like to thank you for this 10 lesson course. Very well done, I’m going to suggest your work for sure. Keep trying to inspire people!”

Rugiada, Italy

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